Frequently Asked Questions

How do I rent facilities at Bowmansville or Brubaker Park?
Call the township office 717-445-5933.

What does it cost to rent facilities at the parks?
Pavilions rent for $75 per day, sports areas rent for $10 per hour, at Brubaker Park there are 2 pavilions which has a capacity of 80-100 people and a smaller pavilion will seat up to 40, two pavilions have kitchenettes and they all have BBQ pits. In Bowmansville Park the pavilion will seat 80-100 and there is a kitchen. Bowmansville Park has a Ball field with lights and rents for a minimum of $40. Lights are off at 10pm. Both parks close at dusk. Call early for your reservation to insure that you can hopefully get the date and pavilion of your preference.

Can I burn my trash?
Persons may burn wood and wood products ONLY. No fire shall be maintained closer than 75 feet to any structure. Open burning shall only be permitted between sunrise and sunset. It shall be unlawful for any person to ignite, feed, maintain or permit the ignition, feeding or maintenance on his property of any open fire for the burning of any materials whatsoever, except for the burning of wood and wood products. Please contact the township office for a copy of the entire burning regulations. All containers for open fires shall be covered by a screen or wire mesh to prevent sparks from flying while burning. A responsible person shall control and supervise any open burning at all times and it shall be so controlled as not to be offensive to others. Contact the township office (717)445-5933 for further questions.

Who do I call if I have a noise complaint?
There is an ordinance in place that provides for Quiet time during 11pm-6am. If there is reoccurring noise during quiet time, you should contact the Zoning Officer Levi Hoover at the Township Office at (717)445-5933.

Real Estate Tax questions?
Real Estate Tax, spring taxes which include the Local and County real estate taxes contact the Tax Collector, Rachel Long (717) 445-4206. For school taxes (fall taxes) per the Eastern Lancaster County School District Office you are to contact Lancaster County Tax Collection Bureau at (717) 569-4521.

How do I apply for a building permit?
Applications for all Building/Zoning Permits are available at the Township Office. If you have questions once you have your application, contact the Zoning Officer, Levi Hoover at the Township Office at (717)445-5933.

How can I get a copy of the current zoning map?
My clicking on this link you can view a copy of the current zoning map.

How much does a permit cost?
If your project requires a Zoning Permit, those fees are available at the township office. IF your project requires a UCC Building Permit we have appointed three outside agencies to issue and inspect for those.  Each of those companies has their own fee schedule.  Contact the Township Office for appointed agencies information to obtain a permit cost.

How do I schedule an inspection?
Call Brecknock Township Office and let us know what kind of inspection you are requesting and we can connect you with the Zoning Officer if it’s for a Zoning Permit or give you the phone number to call of the inspection company which issued you your Building Permit (UCC).

When are Township meetings held?
Board of Supervisors ~ Second Tuesday
Northern Lancaster County Authority ~ Second Monday
Park & Recreation ~ Third Monday
Zoning Hearing ~ Third Tuesday
Planning Commission ~ Fourth Monday
All meeting are held at the Township Building and begin at 7pm.
All meeting are open to the public.
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Zoning Ordinances?
Zoning Ordinances are available on line at

Where is the Brecknock Township Office?
1026 Dry Tavern Road, (Route 897) in Fivepointville across from Weaver’s Store.

Who do I call concerning an issue with an aggressive dog?
PA State Dog Warden, Megan Horst, (717) 418-0284. You may have to leave a message and he will call you back.

I am moving to the Township. Who will I need to contact?
PPL Electric Company (800) 342-5775 Frontier Communications Phone Company (800) 961-0470; Northern Lancaster County Authority Pubic Sewer (717) 445-7553; Blue Ridge Cable Company  (717) 733-4111. some local private Trash Haulers in the area, Good’s Disposal (717) 336-6385 Eagle Disposal (717) 355-9560 and Waste Management (800)869-5566 (not an exclusive list).

Is there is a place that I could recycle my yard waste?
All Brecknock Township residents are eligible to participate with Terre Hill Borough’s Yard Waste Facility. You can obtain a permit at Terre Hill Borough Office which is good for one year.

There is a property that has very high grass and no one is maintaining it, is there something that can be done?
Any grass or weeds 12 inches or more in height should be reported to the Township Office or the Zoning Officer, Levi Hoover by (717)445-5933. If property has been abandoned keep in mind there is no quick fix. There is a certain process that must be followed. This may take some time but we understand your concern.

Where do I get the green house number signs to display in my front yard?
They can be purchased through your Fire Company. Fivepointville Fire Company (717) 445-4933; Bowmansville Fire Company (717) 445-6293

Where do I buy a dog license and what is the fee
Call the Lancaster County Treasurer’s Office, (717) 299-8003 for more information. You can also apply for a dog licenses online at

How can I register to vote?
Forms are available at the Township Office.

Do I need a pool permit?
All pools require a one time permit even the blue inflatable pools.

Do I need a permit to resurface my driveway?
Yes. They are available at the Township Office if you live on a township road. If you live on a PA State Road you need to call Penndot (717) 299-7621.

My street light is out, who do I call?
Call the Township Office at (717) 445-5933. We will report it immediately to PP&L. In order to speed this process we need the set of numbers from the pole which the bottom numbers will begin with the letter S and the nearest address to the pole.

What do I do if a tree is down on a roadway?
Do not attempt to remove the tree; there could be live power lines down as well. Call the township office 717-445-5933. The PA State Police can also be contacted at 717-299-7650.