Parks and Recreation Board

Garry Messner
Jeff Tudor
Wanda Swarr
Megan Baum
Brandon Steffy
Daniel Horning
Corina Stubbs

Meetings held Third Monday of each month

*All meetings are held at the Township Building at 7:00 p.m.

From time to time there are vacancies on these commissions and boards and we look for qualified people to be volunteers. If you’re interested in serving on one of these commissions or boards contact the Township Office or fill out a volunteer application (available online) and submit it to the Township Office.

The Parks of Brecknock

Brubaker Park, Brecknock Township, Lancaster County, PA

Lion’s Den and Beaver’s Lodge

Brubarker Park PondBrubaker Park is located on Long Lane just off of Rt. 897 (Dry Tavern Road) in Fivepointville. In August 1994 the township acquired 43.6 acres from James & Mary Anna Brubaker. In 2004 13.3 acres were acquired from Michael & Barbara Martin and added to the park. Since then Brubaker Park has become the home of three (3) pavilions, three (3) baseball diamonds, a roller hockey rink, a basketball court with six (6) hoops, a sand volleyball court, soccer field and two (2) tennis courts. The park also has a walking trail through the woods around wetlands and by two streams that are stocked with hundreds of rainbow trout, there are two (2) playground areas, boxes for a game of quoits and horseshoes, restroom facilities, three (3) ponds, and eight (8) target Archery Range open to the public free of charge and lots of open space. The Garden Spot High School Cross Country Team also uses Brubaker Park as it home location for their meets. In 2006 33.3 acres were acquired from James & Mary Anna Brubaker and added to the park which now consists of 90.2 acres.

Eagles Nest Brubaker Park, Brecknock Township, Lancaster County, PA

Eagles Nest

Brubaker Park is a great place for group gatherings, family reunions and picnics. Lion’s Den pavilion (donated & built by the Garden Spot Lion’s Club) on the lower side can seat between 80 – 100 people, the Eagle’s Nest pavilion is on top of the hill and can seat between 40 – 50 people and the Beaver Lodge pavilion located in the wooded area can seat between 80 – 100 people (donated & built by Shirk Pole Building & A.B. Martin Roofing). All of the exterior hand laid stone work on all the buildings in the park was done by the Brecknock Township Road Crew, Jim Brubaker as well as many other volunteers.

Brubaker Park pavilions, ball fields, sand volleyball court & the roller hockey rink are all available for rental. Contact the Township Office (717)445-5933 and talk to Kristy Firestone or Carol Martin for current rental rates and available dates.

Bowmansville Park
Bowmansville ballpark and playground

Bowmansville Park

Bowmansville Park is located between Church Street and East Maple Grove Road in Bowmansville and is approximately 4 acres. Bowmansville Park has a ball field which has lights, a playground, two (2) tennis courts and (2) two pavilions which each hold approx. 80 – 100 people, sand volleyball, half basketball court (2 rims) and quoit pits. For many years the Park has been the scene of Bowmansville Days, held annually in August.

Bowmansville Park pavilion and ball field, with lights, are available for rental. Contact the Township Office (717)445-5933 and talk to Kristy Firestone or Carol Martin for current rental rates and available dates.

Both Brubaker Park and Bowmansville Park are open from dawn to dusk.

Come enjoy all the parks of Brecknock have to offer!