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Living in the Country

(Excerpts from brochure printed June 2004 by PennAg Industries Assoc. &
distributed by the Lancaster County Conservation District)

For the past 200 years, farmers have been producing the food, fiber and nursery products needed to make the world grow and flourish. In fact, their productivity has allowed our nation to become the “Breadbasket” of the world. This designation is made possible by industrious farmers carefully applying manure to fields as well as pesticides and fertilizers to crops. Additionally, farmers work long hours to ensure their success.

These farm practices – late hours, manure application and crop management – give us the breadbasket designation, but they also conflict with many new homeowners’ perceptions of “living in the country.”

Ironically, it is those individuals who purchase their dream home in the country that are the most vocal advocates of preserving farmland, but the most likely to complain about a farmer’s hours of operation, as well as pesticides, fertilizer and manure application.

Farmers need your assistance to remain in business. Please do what you can to keep agriculture viable in Brecknock and in all of Pennsylvania.