Don’t Forget Your Permit

Before beginning any project on your property whether it be a fence, shed, or an addition you should first check with the Zoning Officer to inquire if there any permits that are needed.

Brecknock Township Zoning Officer, Levi Hoover, holds varies office hours.  Please contact our office for current week’s schedule or to schedule an appointment (717)445-5933.

Zoning Ordinance go to Chapter 110

All permit applications are available at the Township office.

You may be surprised to know the following:

  • You DO need a permit to resurface your driveway.
  • You DO need a permit to erect a fence in your yard.
  • You DO need a permit to build or replace a deck.
  • You DO need a permit for a shed or to replace a shed.
  • You DO need a permit for any demolition.
  • You DO need a permit for an inflatable seasonal pool (one time only).

Any questions about permits, please feel free to call the Township office (717)445-5933.

PA ONE CALL – If you are installing a fence or deck, or digging for a mailbox post, patio or any other excavation project it is important to Know What’s Below. Call 8-1-1 or 1-800-242-1776 before you dig. The best way to learn where underground utility lines are located is to call before you dig.

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