Engineering and Code Enforcement

The Township Appointed Engineer, Micheal Reinert, P.E. can be reached at Technicon Enterprises, II at (610)286-1622 ext. 101.

Applications for all Building/Zoning Permits are available at the Township Office or by contacting us at (717)445-5933 we can fax or email applications also.

If you have questions once you have your application, you can contact the Zoning Officer/Code Enforcement Officer by calling Technicon Enterprises at (610)286-1622 ext. 100.  Tell them you have question regarding a permit in Brecknock Township, they will put you in contact with someone who can answer your questions.

On-lot Sewage System question should be direct to Quinn Haller at Technicon Enterprises (610)276-1622 ext. 114.